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Internship Best Practice: Plan ahead

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Best Practice: Plan Your Intern’s Work Ahead of Time

Interns need to be kept busy if you want them to be engaged at work and contribute to the company’s goals. When companies don’t think through what they expect of interns and outline tasks in advance, this can result in a wasted opportunity for both parties, as the unhappy interns have little to show for the time they spent with your company. Be sure to plan work for interns ahead of time. A common thread in reviews for top companies was that interns enjoyed always having work to do. As one satisfied intern at fourth place Walgreens put it, ‘You’re never not busy while on the clock.’ Think about it, millennials have already told us that they really want to have a meaningful experience. The key is to give interns meaningful work that they can both succeed at and be proud of at the end of the internship.

Internship Best Practice: Plan ahead
Blythe Kazmierczak