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“I have been involved in projects regarding the DHHS and I had to create a flyer for one of the programs and then write some paragraphs about them. Yes, I would recommend GRow to another youth participant.” Kaden B., 2020 GRow1000 Participant Placement: Dept. of Health & Human Services

GRow1000 Testimonial - Recommend to Others

Dept. of Health & Human Services
“I’ve had a great experience working here. The people are nice and kind and help me if I’m struggling with something. I’m glad I’m in this job.” Duncan C., 2020 GRow1000 Participant Placement: Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative

GRow1000 Testimonial - Feeling Supported

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative
“I have been working in the different departments of Meijer. It is really nice because it can show me what department I might want to work in if I choose to stay at Meijer. My favorite department so far has been greeting.” Gretchen S., 2020 GRow1000 Participant Placement: Meijer

GRow1000 Testimonial - Rotational Experience

"My experience here at the Grow1000 program has been very educational. I have been doing research on scholarships and other college steps that will help me in the future. I look forward to putting these newfound skills to the test." Alayah D., 2020 GRow1000 Participant

GRow1000 Testimonial - College Preparation

City of Grand Rapids
“At my job, I have been racking and staging parts to get plated. The experience has been fun and amazing. I have learned new things. The best part is that I’ll be able to wok there after the program is over.” SAMMY L., 2020 Grow1000 Participant Placement: Master Finish

GRow1000 Testimonial - Job Placement

"I am having so much fun at Steelcase! I am so sad that the program is ending soon! At my placement, we do a mix of things. On Mondays we go to WMCAT and participate in creative activities. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we explore possible career pathways at Steelcase. On Wednesdays, we go to Public Thread and we work on a product development project." Yadira D-L., 2020 GRow1000 Participant Placement: Steelcase & WMCAT

GRow1000 Testimonial - New Exposure

Steelcase & Public Thread


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