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West Michigan Works!

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2021 Virtual Career Readiness & Work Experience Program

The Summer 2021 Virtual Career Readiness & Work Experience Program offers a virtual* or in-person “earn and learn” experience. The program runs six weeks, from June 21 through July 30. Virtual classes and worksite placements are held Monday through Thursday (Fridays off!).

*Must be 15-24 years old by June 14, 2021.

Participants in will be using computers with internet access, but don’t worry if you don’t have equipment or a WiFi connection. Just let us know about your access.

How many internships are you providing to the program?: 30 Virtual paid for by the city. 10 additional paid for by the Young Professionals grant through West Michigan Works
Placements require a financial obligation of $1,600 for each youth under 18 years old, and $2,000 for each intern 18 or older. Please indicate if you are a nonprofit organization and need wage assistance.: Yes
What transportation options for getting to and from work are available to you?: By Public Transport (Bus, Wheels to Work, or Bike/ Walk), N/A - Virtual Work Only
Public Transportation Supports: Proximity to bus line and details of which line/stop. Wheels to Work program participation and cost.: Physical office on bus line
Is your organization a Minority Business Enterprise?: No
Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Commitment: Share your organizations commitment to DEI, including local or national diversity commitments/pledges, links to public content outlining your strategy, and current representation in leadership and the general workforce.: DEI committed. Organization is currently undergoing staff training and a local commitment that began in 2019-2020.