Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

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How many internships are you providing to the program?: 2-4

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Friends was founded in 2008 when an economic recession left many of our city’s parks hurting. Neighbors banded together around the shared belief that every resident in our community deserves to live within walking distance of a safe and beautiful public green space

From the beginning, Friends has worked toward the city’s Master Plan in partnership with the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department by creating volunteer stewards for parks and trees.

Today, the city’s parks department is a thriving team that manages large-scale park improvements, installs new amenities, and runs amazing recreation programs.

Friends is an independent non-profit entity that works alongside the city, engaging community members, and educating neighbors about the benefits of parks and trees.
Placements require a financial obligation of $1,600 for each youth under 18 years old, and $2,000 for each intern 18 or older. Please indicate if you are a nonprofit organization and need wage assistance.: Yes
What transportation options for getting to and from work are available to you?: By Public Transport (Bus, Wheels to Work, or Bike/ Walk), By Car
Public Transportation Supports: Proximity to bus line and details of which line/stop. Wheels to Work program participation and cost.: Office is located at 720 Curve St Sw, however work will be completed throughout the downtown area, which has many lines/stops nearby.
Is your organization a Minority Business Enterprise?: No
Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Commitment: Share your organizations commitment to DEI, including local or national diversity commitments/pledges, links to public content outlining your strategy, and current representation in leadership and the general workforce.: In principle and in practice, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks values and seeks diverse and inclusive participation when developing projects in the community. Friends of Grand Rapids Parks promotes involvement and expanded access to opportunities for staff, board and volunteers, regardless of ethnicity, race, color, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, immigration status, economic circumstances, physical and mental abilities and characteristics, faith tradition and philosophy. Friends of Grand Rapids Parks looks to commit time and resources to accomplish these diversity and inclusion objectives while serving as a model for community groups engaged in such endeavors. Diversity and inclusion makes cities more successful and quality of life more fulfilling. By actively cultivating a diverse mix of stewards, our community can benefit from a vastly richer mix of ideas, perspectives and life experiences that expands our economic diversity and revenue possibilities.

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