John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo

Join us in inspiring our community in the conservation of wildlife and wild places! John Ball Zoo is more
than just a summer job, plus, you’ll be joining one of West Michigan’s 2020 Best and Brightest companies.
Awesome Perks!
• Free admission to the Zoo for you and 10 guests
• Discounts to special onsite events
• 25% gift shop discount
• 35% food and beverage discount
• Behind the Scene opportunities
• Flexible Scheduling
• Opportunity for Advancement  
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Company Information

John Ball Zoo is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation committed to the advancement of public education on the need for wildlife conservation and preservation. On January 1, 2014 Kent County, owner of the Zoo, and the John Ball Zoo Society unified their respective operations at the Zoo to create John Ball Zoo. A long term management agreement is in effect that allows non-profit management with continued ownership by Kent County.
John Ball Zoo inspires our community to be actively engaged in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment.

More than 125 years!
1891-2021 … and Beyond
In many ways, our history reflects that of most American zoos created in the Victorian era. Before then, only the very rich had access to collections of exotic animals. Cities began to build their own zoos in the late 19th century. For the first time, everyone could share in the mysterious and fascinating world of animals.
Zoos have evolved through the years as we learned more about exotic animal husbandry and exhibit design. Education became a major focus, naturalistic design became a force, and conservation became the mission.
Details of John Ball Zoo's history can be found on our website.

Company Contact

How many internships are you providing to the program?: Unsure, depends on age of intern, we would love 5-10 of each age group.
Placements require a financial obligation of $1,600 for each youth under 18 years old, and $2,000 for each intern 18 or older. Please indicate if you are a nonprofit organization and need wage assistance.: Yes
What transportation options for getting to and from work are available to you?: By Public Transport (Bus, Wheels to Work, or Bike/ Walk), By Car
Public Transportation Supports: Proximity to bus line and details of which line/stop. Wheels to Work program participation and cost.: We are on the bus line
Is your organization a Minority Business Enterprise?: No
Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Commitment: Share your organizations commitment to DEI, including local or national diversity commitments/pledges, links to public content outlining your strategy, and current representation in leadership and the general workforce.: The Jump program helps remove financial barriers for guests, we have been awarded MCACA Grants for our diversity and inclusion program. We are an accredited member of the AZA. We are currently working on growing our DE & I program. John Ball Zoo is committed to being a diverse and inclusive experience for our community and for our employees. We have embarked on an extensive Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Planning process with Grand Valley State University Division of Inclusion and Equity Consultation. The intent and purpose of this project is to understand the current state perceptions from the community we serve and our employees. From this research we will partner to create a strategic plan that will impact staff, patrons and leadership in efforts to build a more inclusive environment and support the underrepresented segments of our population. Project will include current benchmarks and projected outcomes reflecting the work of departments, divisions or programs at the zoo. Going forward, analysis of the success or limitations the zoo experienced in implementing its inclusion and equity plan and identify adjustments to improve future performance and goal attainment. Project should be completed in 2020 for implementation in 2021.