City of Grand Rapids Economic Development

City of Grand Rapids Economic Development

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

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Our team is responsible for all business retention, expansion, and attraction projects for the City of Grand Rapids. We are your business advocate to ensure you can access all programs and resources available for your business.

Equitable Economic Development and Mobility Strategic Plan

The plan serves as a guide for the departments of Economic Development and Mobile GR. It provides recommendations on policies, programs and investments. The strategies in the plan focus on outcomes and operations through 2025. The purpose of the plan is to:

Identify and rank public investment related to economic development and mobility
Guide greater efforts in transparency, communications and investments
Increase access to opportunity with an emphasis on the Neighborhoods of Focus
How many internships are you providing to the program?: 1
Placements require a financial obligation of $1,600 for each youth under 18 years old, and $2,000 for each intern 18 or older. Please indicate if you are a nonprofit organization and need wage assistance.: Yes
What transportation options for getting to and from work are available to you?: By Public Transport (Bus, Wheels to Work, or Bike/ Walk), By Car
Public Transportation Supports: Proximity to bus line and details of which line/stop. Wheels to Work program participation and cost.: yes
Is your organization a Minority Business Enterprise?: No
Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Commitment: Share your organizations commitment to DEI, including local or national diversity commitments/pledges, links to public content outlining your strategy, and current representation in leadership and the general workforce.: