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We are offering different opportunities across 5 of our departments! This is an opportunity to learn more about Davenport, programs offered, and get some real work experience in a fun and engaging environment. We have an orientation planned for your first day and an entire day of professional development to learn all about best practices for securing employment in the future.  
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

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Quality & value puts Davenport among best colleges in Michigan

We help our students create lifelong opportunities through Davenport University, a private, not-for-profit university in Michigan.

Davenport’s efficient, career-centered focus is what sets our in-seat and online bachelor’s degree programs, graduate degree programs, professional development and certifications apart from any other university in Michigan. Plus, Davenport’s “Excellence System” prepares students with real-world competencies sought by top employers, such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as program-specific competencies.

At Davenport University, we know what it takes to be successful. With over 150 years of providing quality education under our belts, thousands of Davenport graduates are making an impact on the world with the knowledge and skills they learned here. Our team of faculty and staff collaborate to make this possible. Joining DU means growing and advancing your own career, while making a lasting impact on our students, colleagues and the communities in which we serve. Would you like to be part of our success? It all starts here!
How many internships are you providing to the program?: 5
Placements require a financial obligation of $1,600 for each youth under 18 years old, and $2,000 for each intern 18 or older. Please indicate if you are a nonprofit organization and need wage assistance.: No
What transportation options for getting to and from work are available to you?: Unsure
Public Transportation Supports: Proximity to bus line and details of which line/stop. Wheels to Work program participation and cost.: This is likely the biggest challenge. We may be able to place 1 student at our small downtown location on Ottawa near Michigan Ave, but the other 4 roles (potentially all 5 roles) will be on our campus, so we will need the participants to have transportation.
Is your organization a Minority Business Enterprise?: No
Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Commitment: Share your organizations commitment to DEI, including local or national diversity commitments/pledges, links to public content outlining your strategy, and current representation in leadership and the general workforce.: https://www.davenport.edu/about/dei Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is one of 12 key focus areas for the University (Key Performance Indicator) and is one of our 5 values (Quality, Trustworthiness, Accountability, Innovation and Respect and Inclusion). Our student population is more than 28% of color and our faculty/staff are more than 17% of color. We are very pleased to have selected for a HEED award most of the last 5 years.